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For those of you taht care....

...I'm gonna die. Sometiem soon. Seriously. No Joke. My dad is gonna KILL me...if my stepmom doesnt first. So, my phone bill last month was $200. I got BITCHED OUT for taht last nite. Understandable, i know tahts a bit ridiculous. So now, for those of you who call me, DO NOT call my cell phone before 9. My dad has it during teh day so i wont make any phone calls. If you must call me during teh day, call my house phone - 903-561-5906. Umm im puttin teh cell under my name next month though, so i'll let ya'll know. Anyways, tahts not all. Tihs job i have, at Dish Netwerk. Yeah, my parents were startin to question as to whether i even HAD a job, cuz its strictly commission, and i had not made any sales yet. Soo i told em i made one, so tehy would get off my back. Even though i hadnt. But i figured i'd be able to sell AT LEAST one in 2 weeks. Well i didn't. And tehy have still been hounding me about it. And i told em i got it, but forgot it at teh office Sunday nite. Well i called my boss and he said he could pay me early (cuz i made 2 sales Sunday nite) but HE'S in Salt Lake City. He said he could, but does know know wehn he'll be back - tonite or tmw. Ugh. So i have no idea waht ima do. Tahts STILL not all. Im sure you all remember teh accident i was in back in February. Well teh estimate for teh guy whose car i hit kept changing. It went from $280, to $563, to $726, to $925. Wierd huh? So i wrote teh Insurance Company questioning teh changes, and askin to get on a payment plan. Well today i get a letter from a subrogator (sp?) sayin if i dont give em my insurance info, tehy guy is ready to file a suit. A SUIT!!!! WTF?!?!?! I'm SOOOOOOOOOO fuckin dead. If any of you would liek ANY of my things, feel free to email me, or contact me by AIM. Because before teh end of teh week, I'll be dead. If any of you can help me in any way at all, or have any will be GREATLY appreciated. Im dead.
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