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So i made it through teh week

Good thing. All i have is a $150 check tmw. Not too bad...but its not $300 liek my parents thought it would be. oh well. Teh rest of tihs week was kinda...meh. I HATE not havin my phone all day. I find myself checking my voice messages ALOT. Isn't it terrible?? How much we rely on technology?? Liek, a few years ago, nobody had cell phones, or only ppl w/ $$$ had em. Now, its liek, ppl rely on em ENTIRELY, and if we leave home without em, God forbid, its liek, "omg, i gotta go back and get it", its liek a part of us now...or something. I'm guilty of it cell phone is my security blanket. But i dont give out my home phone # to anyone...only my cell..cuz tis waht i would perfer ppl call. Cuz if tehy call my house and my dad answers, he asks who its is, tehn he wonders who tehy are, how i met em, etc. So yeah. Anyways im gettin off track lol. I went and saw ELF last nite w/ cornflake_grrl. OMG IT WAS SOOOOOO FUNNY!!!!!!!!! I LOVE WIll Ferrell. I laughed sooo hard. It was a good tiem. We ate at Mercado's as well. Good stuff. I have no idea wahts goin on tonite. Aaron is s'posed to call me later. I was s'posed to go to Dallas w/ Clint from Altered...he was gonna come pick me up and bring me home and everything so i could go to thier show. But i HAVE to werk on Sunday and i hafta be there at 9:30 AM. Soo yeah. But he's a sweetheart. Anywho, im just waitin on mah Aaron to call me i guess. Maybe we'll make a beer run so i can get me another bottle of Jack. Me and Jack NEED to hang out after teh week I'VE had. Jesus Louisus. Yes. I am a drunkard. Sue me. I also hafta write a 10 page paper for my Texas Politics (yuck!) class tihs weekend. My group gives our presentation on Monday. Oh how i HATE taht class. I hope i pass it. OK...i guess im out for now. Rock on. Have a WONDERFUL, safe Fryday.
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