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Silly Seth...

LOL... Seth gets confused soo makes me chuckle...

monza1962: this one girl on there, she's italian too, she kept on messaginf me, My good friend's friend is her best friend, isnt that nice
monza1962: its like you know anyone in the world throogh 6 people
monza1962: like Bill Clinton, I know him through three
ChinosRxQueen665: yeah its crazy and outrageous
monza1962: outfuckingragous
ChinosRxQueen665: absofuckinglutely
monza1962: so whens my favorite Satanic Italian coming to Dallas?
ChinosRxQueen665: ohhh sometiem soon i hope
monza1962: oh yea Thanksgiving is sometime this week. I forgot abot that
ChinosRxQueen665: uh huh
monza1962: I was at thr grocery store and this lasy was like, have a great holiday, and I was like, what holiday
ChinosRxQueen665: lol
monza1962: oh when yo want look at my profile on friendster, Ive got a funny joke I think.
monza1962: and I cannot find your stupid ass profile on that friend site, give me a link, here's mine if you want it. can you send a link, I can't figure out how
ChinosRxQueen665: didnt get it
monza1962: you didn't get what
ChinosRxQueen665: teh link
monza1962: i was trying to figure out how to send a link
monza1962: go to that site and look up my e mail cause yours didn't work
ChinosRxQueen665: k
monza1962: if you want
monza1962: that site is sooo insanely slow
ChinosRxQueen665: i KNOW
monza1962: you know most people in this world are worthless lying cocksuckers
ChinosRxQueen665: yup
monza1962: so what is yor e mail that you use on that site cause the one yo gave me aint working
monza1962: ohh ok we'll try that one
monza1962: unless I die from old age by the time the sceen loads
ChinosRxQueen665: lol
monza1962: I have to add you as my friend
ChinosRxQueen665: uh huh
monza1962: how do I get to your profile? is that what I have to do
monza1962: not that yo are really intetested in this but I am
ChinosRxQueen665: lol
ChinosRxQueen665: click my name?
monza1962: it unclickable
ChinosRxQueen665: uhhh
monza1962: I can only add yo as my friend
monza1962: yo
ChinosRxQueen665: so add me
monza1962: so I am
ChinosRxQueen665: so ok
monza1962: so, like, hold on
monza1962: i like how it says continue if she is REALLY your friend
monza1962: like its dangerous
ChinosRxQueen665: lol i know
monza1962: so what, I can't see yor profile till you accept me or something?
monza1962: oh nm,
monza1962: thee it is
ChinosRxQueen665: lol
monza1962: oooohhhhhh aaaahhhhhh
ChinosRxQueen665: :-)

hahaha....silly boy :)
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