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Yup. Guys suck (except Prasanth....he's cool)

ChinosRxQueen665: finally
praSATAN: mew?
praSATAN: you could have called
ChinosRxQueen665: your back
ChinosRxQueen665: i know
ChinosRxQueen665: but i wasnt sure if you were busy
praSATAN: no
ChinosRxQueen665: oh
praSATAN: just tired of people i didn't want to talk to =P
ChinosRxQueen665: well
ChinosRxQueen665: i feel liek im not good enough for my guy...
praSATAN: what?
praSATAN: why?
praSATAN: that's bullshit
praSATAN: if he's neglecting you don't start taking it out on yourself
praSATAN: you do this every time
praSATAN: i've known you for a wide array of boy toys :-P
ChinosRxQueen665: because...he always asks chicks if tehy would date him...and he bitches cuz he doesnt think taht any beautiful cheerleader type girl would ever date him....taht he could never get a beautiful girl....which gievs me teh impression taht im not good enough for him....
praSATAN: oh FUCK him
praSATAN: if he can't realize what he has then FUCK him
praSATAN: what a fucking prick
praSATAN: where do you get these guys?
ChinosRxQueen665: :-\
praSATAN: darlin- i'm sorry
ChinosRxQueen665: yeah me too
praSATAN: you know i love you, but you don't need to put up with these asswipes
praSATAN: you're better than that
ChinosRxQueen665: i guess
praSATAN: and these fucking cockass pretty boy dimfucks can't even realize it
praSATAN: because all they want right now is action
praSATAN: and they fail to grasp the concept that you're not a whore- and they want some ditzy cheerleader type
praSATAN: not because 'cheerleaders are hot'- fuck no- because ditzy preppy types are shallow as fuck and will put out to feel secure about themselves
ChinosRxQueen665: yeah but tehy are always sooo much pretier tan me
praSATAN: so fuck em
praSATAN: pfft
praSATAN: if you like plastic
praSATAN: asshole guys don't like truly beautiful chicks, they smell pussy and they chase it like gold
praSATAN: and as soon as they had their fill, they move on to the next one
praSATAN: if a guy can't fucking appreciate you then fuck em
praSATAN: they can go to hell
praSATAN: and you can get your hugs from me until you find someone worth your time
praSATAN: and if they don't like it, they can take it up with my steel toes
ChinosRxQueen665: yeah...
praSATAN: yeah- i'm not very good at cheerin ppl up =P
ChinosRxQueen665: its ok
praSATAN: but i'm just pissed off that fucking asshole guys keep screwin you over
ChinosRxQueen665: you and me both
praSATAN: and make you think it's your fault
praSATAN: you have no need to be depressed
praSATAN: and he has no right to treat you like that
praSATAN: tell him he can fuck himself
praSATAN: what a fucking choad
ChinosRxQueen665: i know
praSATAN: if he crosses me, or any other one of those fucks does, his ass is mine
ChinosRxQueen665: ok
praSATAN: sorry
praSATAN: i'm not much help
ChinosRxQueen665: its ok hun
praSATAN: if it helps, everyone on halloween was shocked when you came with me
ChinosRxQueen665: really
praSATAN: everyone kept asking ' did you get a hot chick with you?'
ChinosRxQueen665: heh
praSATAN: ' did you get a hot chick with you'
praSATAN: it got annoying after a while...
ChinosRxQueen665: sorry
praSATAN: not your fault
praSATAN: just, a guy can only be reminded what a loser they are in a given day before they get tired of it
ChinosRxQueen665: :-\
praSATAN: only so many times...
ChinosRxQueen665: ima loser
praSATAN: nah
praSATAN: you're just in tyler
praSATAN: so you get all the losers
ChinosRxQueen665: yeah...
praSATAN: i'm a loser because only 16 year old girls and prepubescent boys like me
praSATAN: that and the whole computer thing
ChinosRxQueen665: haha
ChinosRxQueen665: yeah
praSATAN: and the eerily close relationship with the kitty
ChinosRxQueen665: aww
praSATAN: and the being poor
praSATAN: and the...i think i bettter stop
ChinosRxQueen665: ok...
ChinosRxQueen665: *hugs*
ChinosRxQueen665: your a loser....and i cant get a good guy to save my lief...lets party...
praSATAN: you could get a good guy
ChinosRxQueen665: no i cant
praSATAN: let me filter em for ya
ChinosRxQueen665: ok
praSATAN: yeah you could
praSATAN: you just look in the wrong places
ChinosRxQueen665: well tehy all SEEM leik good guys at first....
praSATAN: guys come to you and sweet talk ya and you're all awww and then they find out they can't get in your pants and move on, right?
ChinosRxQueen665: sometiems...but most of teh tiem taht crap doesnt werk
praSATAN: well be proud that you're not a goddamn slut like the rest!
ChinosRxQueen665: i know
praSATAN: THIS is why i respect you dear
ChinosRxQueen665: really
praSATAN: and why i'll constantly defend you if the need arises
ChinosRxQueen665: aw
praSATAN: because you're true to yourself, despite it all
praSATAN: so fuck some asshole prettyboi sweettalkers
praSATAN: he can lick candy canes out of dylan's asshole
ChinosRxQueen665: lol
ChinosRxQueen665: tahts pretty harsh lol
praSATAN: it's pretty harsh to pretend to care about someone
ChinosRxQueen665: i know
praSATAN: and it's pretty harsh consequences when someone crosses me
praSATAN: and when you cross someone i care about, you cross me
praSATAN: so they're fucked
ChinosRxQueen665: damn
praSATAN: sweetie, i need sleep
praSATAN: early classes
praSATAN: *hugs*
praSATAN: get some rest
ChinosRxQueen665: nite hun
praSATAN: and smile some ;-)
ChinosRxQueen665: k...
praSATAN: even if you're not sure why
praSATAN: i promise you you'll feel better if you just keep on smiling =)
ChinosRxQueen665: k..
praSATAN: have i been wrong yet? ;-)
ChinosRxQueen665: no
praSATAN: (was a rhetorical quesshun, silly :-P
praSATAN: g'nite darlin
ChinosRxQueen665: nite
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