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i dunno

Notta whole lot to update on. Theres not a whole lot goin on here. Finally done w/ finals and term papers. Thank god. Talked to Nick teh other nite. We came to a little understanding:

Leggo My Emo85: ive calmed down enough to talk
ChinosRxQueen665: ok
Leggo My Emo85: i want u as a part of my life but the distance is making it too hard for us to be together there is second guessing goin on an wut not but i love u for who u are an never doubt my love for u
ChinosRxQueen665: honestly nick....i knew you werent out with other girls and all...i know you would never do anything to hurt me...i just kinda worried cuz it seemed liek you wanted more tahn waht i could give you...i just felt liek i wasnt good enough for you and i was all upset cuz i couldnt be with you wehnever i wanted to....and you stopped telling me you loved me and it kinda made me just got distant all of a sudden....
Leggo My Emo85: i got distant cuz it hurt not to be with u its so hard for me to go from a relationship where i was utterly in love to falling for a girl two hours away who i couldnt call an say baby come over i had a hard day
Leggo My Emo85: so i guess wut im sayin is yes im at fault i cant deal with this relationship an u dont know how sorry i am
ChinosRxQueen665: sorry for waht
Leggo My Emo85: that i hurt u
ChinosRxQueen665: im used to it nick
Leggo My Emo85: u shouldnt be tho its not right
Leggo My Emo85: i dont wanna hurt u
ChinosRxQueen665: i know...but i am....i cried over you for....ugh, a long tiem...but i am used to it...
Leggo My Emo85: dont be used to it i guess wut im tryin to say is i still wanna be here for u an everything but i cant date u not like this not being able to see u not being able to hold u it just sucks
ChinosRxQueen665: yeah...
ChinosRxQueen665: waht really sux is your gonna be gone by teh tiem i move back up there:-\
Leggo My Emo85: i know
ChinosRxQueen665: ugh if you do meet someone else though dont tell me...i dont wanna think about you with another girl....i know it sounds bad but...teh thought of you w/ another girl instead of me makes me :-(
Leggo My Emo85: ok

Soo yeah...we still talk and all so its all good.
I went and ate w/ my dad Tuesday nite. It was okay. We went to Hollytree and had pasta. It was pretty good. Umm tehn we went to Best Buy and looked at computers. I'm gettin a new one for Christmas. :) Dude, im gettin a Dell! (I think)
Jay is supposed to bring my DVD's by. (Nightmare Before Christmas and Old School) But i have not heard from him. Guess i need to call him AGAIN and tell him i need em back. Ugh. Its get over him. Even though we wenre't talking for very long...i still lieked him alot, and teh way he led me on made me think there was actually something between us. It really sucks wehn guys play head games with you. :( Ugh. Im not gonna talk about it right now though. I kinda miss him...
ANYWHO, tahts about it. I was gonna make sum Christmas cookies today but we didnt have any baking POWDER or a rolling pin lol. OH but i DID get teh new Linkin Park Liev In Texas DVD from teh Summer Sanitarium Tour. I know, i know. Some of ya'll might not liek em. But i dig em. Plus i was actually at teh concert...AND in teh DVD!!!!! hehehe. Coby IMed me and told me teh other nite...and its right before tehy play Numb. :) So taht was pretty cool. Anywho, i think im done now. Rock on.

**EDIT** So im FINALLY done w/ a semester at ghetto ass TJC. ONE MORE KIDS!!!!!! Tehn, im back in DFW FOR GOOD!!!!! OMG I cant wait. I swear, im headin up there liek, as soon as school lets out lol. Gotta get to werk findin a place to live and a job though. And get all my school crap taken care of. And all taht good stuff. Anywho...yeah, good stuff. Oh, and i think i did ok tihs least i hope so. *crosses fingers*
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