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Deep Thoughts of a Fairy - Day

Sunday, December 7, 2003

3:00PM - Craziness

Craziness. Pure craziness. Last nite started off soo shitty. I was s'posed to hang out w/ tihs guy Jay i have been kinda talkin to/hangin out with. No. He called and didn't wanna see me. Which is kinda shitty..cuz i kinda lieked him, but he doest want anything to do w/ girls right now...although he led me on HARDCORE. But wahtever. He's a guy, i was expecting it. Anywho, John came and picked me up and we went to Dallas. I had 2/3 a bottle of Jack left and i was good to go. So i mixed a Jack and Coke and drank teh rest from teh bottle...i killed teh bottle by teh tiem we got to Dallas lol. So we get to Dallas and i had to pee, so we went to some beer store run by sum litle Asian ppl, and got a 40 of Bud Ice. Tehn we headed down to Deep Ellum and killed teh 40 haha. yeah, i was gone lol. Umm...tehn we walked around a bit. It was cold out but i was SOOO hot from teh Jack lol. We went by Trees as Superjoint Ritual was gettin on thier bus, and Phil ran right into me haha. Bastage. ;) So we went to Galaxy and i ran into RYAN!!!!!!!!! I love my Ryan cuz hes a sweety and has sweet kitties and sexy dreads. We kinda stood around and watched tihs band play, i went around talkin to random ppl, drank 2 more shots of Jack and a Jack and Coke, met some Hispanic guy named John who put his # in my phone, had teh ppl werkin at teh club ask me if i was ok lol. haha...good tiems. Anywho, before we left i went to teh bathroom and tihs chick was in there and i think it was her b-day or something lol, so we started talkin and were gonna party. haha. But i figured since we were at Galaxy, might as well go next door and get sum RASTA FRIES!!!!! HELL YEAH!!!!!! So we went, and we didn't wanna go in so i told tihs huge bouncer guy i wanted sum fries, tehn we had to pee AGAIN so we went insied and we asked tihs dude where tah bathroom was, and he was all, "Oh you wont make it to teh bathroom" I guess cuz it was all crowded or something....so he took us and there was a chick sittin in there handing out toilet paper lol. Tehn we left and got separated...and wehn i got outsied teh bouncer guy bought me my fries!!! HOW AWESOME!!!! (i didn't think he would get em haha) So tehn we headed back to Johns. I passed out in his car...and got sick wehn we got there: :( And i NEVER get sick wehn i drink. But he was a sweetheart and held my hair back for me and all. Tehn i just passed out and he brought me home today. I was supposed to werk but fuck taht lol. Anywho, taht was my lovely evening. Good fun. I love Jack. Taht is one guy taht will NEVER fuck me over :)

Current mood: sleepy
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